2015 Safari

This year would be the 3rd time that Ps.saulosi would be transplanted back to Taiwanee Reef. We were all eager to do this conservation work! More info and video can be found here at  Cichlidpress SMG Fund

Here are the participants from 2015 Lake Malawi Safari trip.
(LT-RT) Robert Kumango, Anders Korp , Pete Barnes (standing), Per Hagman (middle) Anders Thomson (front) and Christian DeAmour (RT).

2015 Safari Participants

Male Chindongo saulosi at Taiwanee Reef. We placed 60 nice sized Ps.saulosi on the Reef again.

Young juvenile Chindongo saulosi at Taiwanee Reef. Overall the reef is recuperating slowly and we observed a larger population of these fish this year!

Protomelas sp.”taiwanee steveni” at Taiwanee Reef. Awesome fish even in my aquariums at home!
Protomelas sp.

Ababi Island, part of the Mbenji Island group.
Ababi Island

Copadichromis borleyi testing his territory at Ababi Island.
Copad borleyi Mbenji

This is the “true” Cynotilapia afra, taken at Machilli Island, near Chizumulu Island.
Cyno afra Machilli

Aulonocara saulosi at Masimbwe Islet.
Aulonocara saulosi

Otopharynx sp.’auromarginatus margette’ at Maingano Island.

Ps.polit at Lions Cove.

Metriaclima zebra at Chiwi Rocks, Chizumulu Island.

Aulonocara sp. walteri at Madimba Bay, Likoma Island.

Aulonocara sp.’stuartgranti’ at Tchinga Reef, Usisya. (Flavescent Peacock)

Larry Johnson (me) diving at Mara Rocks. (Picture by Christian D’Amour)