2012 Safari

This year marks a different layout of the Safaris, this site has practically unllimited space letting me post larger images of what you all want to see!
As pictures get posted I will place them together as a dive location group. This will give you a better perspective of what is found at each dive location.
Well another Lake Malawi Safaris has ended and it was great trip. The weather co-operated, with no exessive wind to spoil the mostly chrystal clear water or boat travel.
The weather was warming up in September and the water temerature in most area’s was around the 75 F.

Enjoy, Larry!

2012 Safaris participants David Fraguglia, Dowa Dowa (deck hand), Leyton (Boat Captain), Larry Johnson (me), Juan Murillo and Rihard Tirzo, in front of the former Lady Louise, at Chiofu Bay, Malawi.

At Nakentenga Island, on our second check out dive I found this beautiful “Marmalade Cat” Fuelleborni male at 10 feet of depth.

Finding Buccochromis heterotaenia at Luwala Reef was one of the many highlights of this years Lake Malawi Safaris.

Cynotilapia sp. “dwarf lion” at Liwani. These fish where found everywhere at this location.

Labidochromis heterodon at Boadzulu Island. A new “fish find” for me, I thought it was an Iodotropheus sp. This often happens at a 1st time visited dive site.

Dinner and a few COLD drinks at Fat Monkeys Rest House, Chembe Beach, Malawi.

New U/W point and shoot camera, Nikon AW 100,,,good to go down 10 m, great video but pic’s are not all that great,even with 16 mp,,,one of the few that turned out OK, Red Empress at Namalenge Island.

Otter Island is always a great spot to dive,,,there is a lot of silt there, and if stirred it will mess up images! Otter Isand and Otter Point “Jakes” are the same!
Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi pictured.

Diving along the east coast just south of the Mozambique Boarder, great clarity for a ‘shore dive’.
Placidochromis sp. ‘phenochilus gisseli’ can be found here, a realative new color morph of Phenochilus!

Our boat, the Lady Louise 2, anchored at Thumbi Island West.