2013 Safari

This years Malawi Safari included transporting and placing Pseudotropheus saulosi back onto Taiwanee Reef. Here Ad Konings and Steve Lundblad are inspecting the breeding ponds (for the Ps.saulosi) at the Stuart M Grant fish farm. 

It’s a long way to Taiwanee Reef, by way of road and boat, from ‘SMG’ in the south. Here is Ad Konings releasing the Ps.saulosi juveniles at the reef.

AND, the resullting Juvies getting aquainted with there new home!

Left to Right, Claudia Dickenson (US), Ian Kwok (Australia),Steve Lundblad (US),Ad Konings (Holland),and Pam Chin (US) at Gecko Lounge.(part of our group)

Ad Konings (Lt) David Goddard (Rt) I’m thinking this is Davids 4’th trip to Malawi with myself, and the first one with Ad.

Copadichromis at Zimbawe Rocks, great spot to dive!

Protomelas fenestratus ‘Imperial steveni’.

I found a relatively new species Metriaclima sp. ‘aurora brevous’ at Chizumulu Island.(ID by Ad Konings) No references that I could find on the Internet under this name, as yet!

Metriaclima flavifemina at Maleri Island.

Petrotilapia sp “mumboensis yellow” at Mumbo Island.

A favorite from Luwala Reef, Scieanochromis fryeri.

Trips to the South End of the Lake usually mean a stop at Gecko Lounge/Rest House. Right on the lake at Chembe Village.

Dimidiochromis kiwinge

180 degree wide angle shot of Domwe Island on the left, Ilala Gap centre, a short cut to the southeast arm of the lake.

Labeotropheus trewavasae at Makokola Reef.

Metriaclima zebra at Chiwi Rocks, Chizumulu Island.

On the East Side of Lake Malawi, close to Chiofu, fisherman are more than willing to sell you their fish for dinner, seen here are two Rhamphochromis species. They are great eating fish, locally called Ncheni or Butter Fish.

Pam and I at ‘Nicks Place’, Chizumulu Island,Malawi,,,fish buddies!