2014 Safari

This years Safari took us to Taiwanee Reef where I had lots of help placing some Ps.saulosi back on the reef. Thank you very much; to my 2014 Safari guests, Dave Hale, Marc Boulton, Greg Irvine, Pete Barnes, Adam Delohery and Kathy Brown. We had a blast!
Topside warming up in the evening sun, on the Lady Louise 2, while heading back to Kambiri Point.

Labeotropheus fuelleborni at Nakantenga Island. Since the ‘ And’s’ have gone up the whole area around this island is ‘teaming’ with fish! Two dives were done on this day.

Metriaclima zebra ‘Marmalade Cat’ at Maingano Island. There were a few at this location and they are very rare in the wild.

Metriaclima zebra at Nkhata Bay.

Pseudotropheus minutus at Nkhata Bay. A little tricky to identify underwater because it never holds still long enough.

Copadichromis trewavasae, Yofu Bay, Likoma Island.

Tropheops sp. ‘likoma’ at Masimbwe Islet. There were none of these ready to export back to Canada when I did my order but I’ll get them eventually!

Cynotilapia zebroides (Edwardi) at Nkhata Bay. Dwarf sized, maybe 3 inches pictured here.

Metriaclima sp. ‘zebra gold’ at Nkhata Bay.

Aulonocara sp. stuartgranti ‘sunshine’ at Nakantenga Island. Again I’m finding more fish around this Island. On this trip I found one nice male in only 20 feet of water which in the past was unusual!

Aulonocara sp.stuartgranti ‘Flavescent’ at kanda Island. Kande Island is a great place to dive, with 6 species of peacocks and many other cool fish not often seen in the hobby.

Protomelas sp. ‘steveni Imperial’ at Chizumulu Island. Wind or waves you can always find clear water at Chizumulu Island ‘somewhere’.