2010 Safari

I’m overdue to put up some images for the 2010 Safaris but was waiting to get my new website up and running first.
During this trip we covered a lot of the northern area of Lake Malawi, visiting/diving at the Chilumba Jetty, Chitande Island,Chitmba Bay,Chizumulu Light house, Galireya Reef, Kande Island, Lions Cove, Likoma Island, Masimbwe Islet, Penga Penga Island (Mbenji), Mphanga Rocks, Nakantenga Island, Ndomo Point, Nkhata Bay,Nkhomo Reef and Taiwanee Reef,,,I had a blast with old and new friends and the crew were great as well! (Leighton and Robert)
Let me know what you think!


2010 AD-Venture Safaris participants, (Lt to Rt) Lyton Nkhoma and Robert Kumango (boat Captains) Ad Konings, Pam Chin, Steve Lundblad “Doogie”, John Dawson, Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, Lars Anderson, Claudia Dickenson, Larry Johnson, Dan “The Eggman”, Ed Plesco. (Front row lower) Dr.Troy Turner, Richard Tirzo, Van Driver. Picture by Manuel Salazar.

Stuart Grants jetty at Kambiri Point. The large boats can dock during high and low water levels.

Aulonocara sp. ‘maulana’ at Galireya Reef. One of my favorite Peacocks!

Protomelas sp. “steveni” at Taiwanee Reef.

Up close and personal with Tyrannochromis nigriventer at Taiwanee Reef.

Pseudotropheus sp.elongatus at Chitimba Reef.

Psuedotropheus sp. ‘elongatus’ Masimbwe Island.

Placidochromis sp. “phenochilus gisseli” from Ntekete. Taken at Kambiri Fish House.

Placidochromis electra “blackface” from Ntekete, for comparison with the above Placidochromis.Taken at Kambiri Fish House. Both species can be found swimming together.

Hanging out with some of the gang in the Rondival with Ad Konings, Pam Chin, Steve Lundblad, Lars Anderson, Richard Tirzo and Ed Plesco.

Aulonocara stuartgranti “maisoni” at Chitimba Bay Reef.

Maison Maulana (wht Shirt) at Chilumba shore with Lyton our boat Captain.

Cynotilapia sp. Galireya Reef at Hara

My longtime Malawi travel buddy, Lars Anderson (Sweden) A quick stop at Leighton’s village, just south of Lions Cove.

Melanochromis perileucos, Ndomo Point, Likoma Island.
Males vary in appearance around this Island!