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                  Lake Malawi Safari '07'  

Returning to camp at the end of any day and not having to off load tents and other gear is a real plus. In between dives you can walk around the area and photograph other interesting wildlife. Sitting quietly up in the observation deck, the monkeys come down for an afternoon drink.


Sandra Lane anochored at ChiofuMonkeys on the beach near the Observation Deck











Malopa ,although not an interesting area to look at from above the water line, it is very interesting below. Another color form of Metriclima chrysomallos.

Metriclima chysomallos  Psuedotrophues crabro







Placidochromis electra ' blackface' are common around this location. While the 'Kampango' will nest and protect their fry almost anywhere, here the male guards fry in a large sand crater nest probably built by a Taeniolethrinops. Note the Copadichromis fry around the nest.

Kampango cat guarding youngsters

Placisochromis electa 'blackface'








I find the courting and breeding behavior of Malawi Cichlids interesting, which is something not often seen pictured in books. This behavior rarely ends up with any body damage, usually one of the fish backs down and escapes.Aulonocara sp 'stuartgranti' red flushAulonocara sp 'stuartgranti' Red Flush









 2007 Larry Johnson

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