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                  Lake Malawi Safari '06'  

What can I say,,,two and a half weeks with Ad Konings, Martin Geerts and crew, on the 36' Boat Sandra Lane!

Every year in order to "rest up" from the long flight, I head to Cool Runnings at Senga Bay. Owned and operated by  Samantha Ludick ("Sam"), here I not only relax at the Lake but also do some daily road trips,,,,,seeing what else happens in Malawi. I met Sam while she was working at the "Wheel House", way back in 2001 and we have been great friends since.  Samantha Ludick,vegetable stand outside Senga Bay,Malawi








One evening I was lucky enough to photograph the local villagers seining the shore for fish. This practice is "not happening" anymore as you can see. There is just no one to enforce this. The diameter size of the holes in the net are to small, but I have observed smaller, catching small fish that would otherwise grow out to a much more desirable meal!

What do YOU do with your favorite cichlids?

4 men pulling in one side of the seine net








Eventually, I get to Stuart Grants to drop off the many items that I stuff into my gear bag and box, we catch up on some news and chat about what I had brought. After this, I leave him to get on with the day and this is usually the only time I get to wander around his grounds, because when I finally do "check in" here, things are more fast paced to get ready and go out on Safari. This year I met Ad at 9am and we were gone by 11 am in the mini bus, heading to Nkhata Bay where our trip actually started.

Lord Justin anchored,Namalenge Island in the back groundCalm Bay at Kambiri Point,boat tender anchored                 2006 Larry Johnson

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