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Lake Malawi Safari '03'   


My journey starts this year with a 22 hour boat ride from Kambiri Point to Nkhata Bay. Lars Andersson and I were the only two visitors on this leg of the trip, the others would catch up the next day.

Once at Nkhata Bay we quickly donned our scuba gear and dove just outside the harbor on the southern side. There were plenty of fish to see and the visibility was very good.

Stigmatochromis modestus "nkhata bay"Metriclima zebra gold "nkhata bay"

The next morning we were off to Chiszumulu Island and on the way we stopped at Taiwan Reef for a dive. Taiwan Reef is most famous for Protomelas fenestratus, but has more to offer than just this one fish!

Protomelas fenestratus "taiwan reef"Copadichromis Borelyi "taiwan reef"









A  Ps. saulosi male pauses for a picture while checking out my finger. It was the only way I could get him to hold still for the shot. On the right a school of female Ps. saulosi, with a dominant and sub-dominant male.

Ps.Saulosi slows to look at my fingerFemale  Ps.Saulosi









2003 Larry Johnson

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